Stigmata: What The Heck?

Is it possible that Stigmata is true? If you don’t know the term, stigmata is when Roman Catholic Church followers get what is defined to be “Spontaneous appearances of the crucifixion wounds that Jesus would have incurred on the cross”.

Usually the mysterious wounds appear on or around Roman Catholic holidays. Strangely the person will report that they have wounds appearing on the head, feet, back and sides. Most of the wounds are reported and documented to appear on the palms of the hands. Are these for real?

The Roman Catholic Church has the majority of the written reports on this phenomena and there have been several explanations for this event. One is that the Roman Catholic Church is such a superstitious church that the wounds could be happening by the subconscious power of the mind? It could also be a cerebral event as psychosomatic excitation?

I believe that it is not grounded well on anything Biblical and when in doubt we should consult the holy scriptures and see what our Holy Father has to say about it. I would suggest that since the Roman Catholic Church is apostate, we should not take this event very seriously. If  we look back to the process of Roman crucifixion it is well known that the method of this barbaric execution had the nails being driven into the wrists and not the palms! 

There have been many documented cases of stigmata being faked as well. Some of them have been self-inflicted. On a recent National Geographic episode entitled “Is it real? Stigmata”, experts could easily fake it by using sodium hydroxide, pressing the hands together and voila the reaction created red bloodlike smears.

All I say Christians is don’t be fooled by this fakery and when in doubt, turn to the Bible scripture for the answers you seek!

God Bless

Brian Mason