Atheist Dialogue:

As most dialogue with atheists, interacting with one atheist becomes a “swarm” of other atheists” but the following is what I could do to reconstruct an atheist worldview argument: I started by stating that evolutionary worldview….” Then was quoted:

Evolutionist:”Evolutionary worldviews cannot account for preconditions of intelligibility that makes science possible!” – So what? Neither can religion. However, we evolved to make sense of reality as it is. If we did not change to make sense of reality, we wouldn’t have survived in the first place. The universe is intelligible for the same reason rocks are visible….they aided our survival.

Me:”So what?” First I will not comment on any religion except for Christianity. The accounts in Genesis work perfectly well with science! You can’t explain the order in nature as the result of a chaotic origin. Do not conflate science with evolution. How do you know what reality is anyway, in your worldview?

Let’s take DNA for instance; It would have had to originate from a mind. Have you heard of SETI? If not, their criteria for the possibility or evidence of life outside of our solar system would be a series of radio signals. Now if these signals gave us information to make even a simple machine, would that not be reason enough to believe a mind was behind it?

With DNA we get encoded information on how to build a human body! You say we evolved to make sense of all this, then would you be saying we gained information through macro-evolution? You still cannot explain how that “rock” got there anyway…and a non-life form evolved into a life form? Chemical and Physical laws don’t allow for it…

So far crickets…