Problems with the Book of Mormon

Year after year archeological discoveries are unearthed shining light on the proofs and validity of the Holy Bible. In contrast the there have been NO such discoveries supporting the Book of Mormon.

According to Authors’ John Weldon and John Ankerberg, the Book of Mormon seems to be a fairy tale of epic proportions. They state; “In other words, no Book of Mormon cities have ever been located, no Book of Mormon person, place, nation, or name has ever been found, no Book of Mormon artifacts, no Book of Mormon scriptures, no Book of Mormon inscriptions…nothing which demonstrates the Book of Mormon is anything other than myth or invention has ever been found.”

This puts the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons) in a bit of a pickle, although they will state officially that the reason is that these proofs of validity just have not yet been discovered. I could go with that if I were to not look at the glaring problems with lack of evidence.

Checking on the website , they propose a plethora of Book of Mormon difficulties, here is a few:

1. The Book of Mormon is not supported by any linguistic evidence

2.DNA disproves that the Laminites are principle evidence of the Indians

3.Why don’t “dark-skinned” people turn lighter after reading it as claimed by the prophets?

4.The Book of Mormon discusses many things that did not exist anywhere in the Americas until after Columbus came to the New World, such as: Horses, Cattle, Oxen, Donkeys, Goats and Wild Goats – 1 Nephi 18:25

Sheep, Swine and Elephants – Ether 9:18

There are many, many more problems with the Book of Mormon so I would suggest checking out some very credible websites and publications that also show the futile efforts of the LDS Church’s defense.

We must pray for the members of the LDS Church to have the Holy Spirit come over them with Holy intervention.

God Bless

Brian Mason