The Shack: Uncovered

Time to revisit the heresy that William Paul Young is putting out there in the screen adaptation to his novel “The Shack”!

Christians need to use discernment and proper exegesis of scripture. This movie is blasphemous!

A work of fiction yes, however it is insulting to God!

Michael Youssef’s sermon on this book is very important, and please share it!

God Bless
Brian Mason

Responding To The Refugee Crisis: Leading The Way

I have been silent on the refugee crisis for some time now. It is a sensitive matter that requires much prayer and thought. I came across this message written by “Ash,” “Leading The Way’s North American Arabic Follow-up Coordinator.”
Ash sums it up nicely;

“When news broke of refugees fleeing the Middle East and Europe, I struggled with some of the same issues you may have had. I struggled with the fact that many would not be going through any security checks—but at the same time, I wanted to welcome the foreigner. I was concerned that Islamic groups would spread because of open doors to mass immigration. I was concerned that Christians fleeing places like Egypt, Jordan, and Libya would leave their nations virtually church-less.

Like you, in some ways, I felt conflicted. But all politics aside, regardless of where you stand on the issue of whether or not to open our nation’s borders, I think there are some more important things we all need to agree on as brothers and sisters in Christ:

We need to be ready. We may not be able to change whether or not thousands of refugees are crossing our borders—but we can be prepared. Is the church ready for a vast new mission field? Are you prepared to be involved in reaching the unreached as they move into the neighborhood?

We need to be motivated by the voice of God, not the voice of fear. I believe God is preparing His church for a revolution against its comfort zone—something beyond what we ever dreamed or imagined. What opportunities might we miss if we live in fear? Let’s replace our fears with prayer for our nation and for those who might cross our borders.

We need to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. Several times in Scripture, when God was ordering His nation to fight or to take new land, he also commanded them to welcome the foreigner and be merciful to the widow (see Deuteronomy 10:18-19). We see Jesus demonstrate this Biblical tension with the open-ended answers he often gave to yes-or-no questions. I pray we can all have that kind of discernment so that we can exhibit both wisdom and mercy in responding to our broken world.”

God Bless

Brian Mason

So When The Crosses Are Gone, Then What?

I recently listened to a sermon from Michael Youssef of “Leading the Way Ministries” and the subject was “When the Crosses Are Gone”, also the title of his new book. He explains in the book and his sermon that the Christian Cross is being purposely “removed” from the sight of the public all across America. There are many examples that he gives:

– The removal of the Ground Zero Cross in New York City that just “happened” to be two pieces of steel support beams that welded together from the intense heat.
– The Hundred Year Old Crosses in San Diego.
– A single Cross in the Mojave Desert that was erected in honor of the WW1 Veterans.

1 Corinthians 1: 18 18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

There are many more examples of this “Cross Removal” in his book and his sermon that can be accessed from the Ministry Website. And some of the sources actually condone this action and call themselves Christian!

Dr. Youssef says, ” that removal of the Cross is the very destruction of the Western Civilization itself! Western Civilization was built upon the logic of the Cross”. He further states; “The Atheist and Anti Christian forces know the power of the Cross, and more than some of the Church goers themselves! To the enemy powers, the Cross is a dangerous symbol. To remove the Cross equals removing the True God from Society”.

I believe the Cross shows us our weakness, and we cannot save ourselves. We need the Savior Jesus Christ! The Cross shows us redemption, mercy and answers to our deep problems. The Cross is convicting as well as condemning! In 1917 Lenin took down 50,000 Crosses and replaced them with Red Stars!

Matthew 10: 38 38 And anyone who does not pick up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

The cross is so offensive to the public eye it must be removed from sight! Why is this? It is because the Cross says we are sinful.

We have to as Christians and believers, get off our collective butts and put a stop to this insanity! We need the Savior! The Cross is meant to make us all uncomfortable! It shows our human weaknesses and desires! The Latin word for Cross is “Crux”. You remove the Cross (Crux), you remove Christ and surrender to Evil forces. Just look at the Nations that have no more Cross and have crumbled into cultural suicide!

Are we going to replace the Cross with Mosques and Minarets? Instead of walking in the shadow of the Cross are we going to waking up to Islamic wailing before dawn? It is happening right before our eyes at this very moment! Look at how Islam has been allowed to take over some American towns and taking root in the cities? We also must be on the lookout for this abomination called Chrislam. Don’t let that lull you to sleep either. We must look at the track history of the result of allowing Islam into our culture. It is not favorable! Please Christians, I pray you heed this atrocity that is happening! Let’s stay awake and fight these forces set out to destroy Christianity and Western Civilization.

1 Peter 2: 24 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”

God Bless,

Brian Mason

Are you an “Invisible Christian”?

Whenever I talk to people about Faith and Religion I often have a hard time distinguishing what faith they actually believe? Some will identify with a faith (and I hate to say this), because it is fashionable such as the so-called “New Agers” do. Or it can be a “convenience” factor, so as it does not get in the way of their everyday lives. And the strangest belief that I think I have come across is a form of a “just in case” belief…just in case God exists they want to be safe from a one way ticket to Hell. They live their lives as if God does not exist, but in the back of their mind he just might. Very disingenuous to be sure!

Maybe you have heard of the statement “Christian Walk”? There is a very good website worth checking out called and on it I found a good article on “The Basis of the Christian Walk” The article published an even number of specific requirements that will help you on your personal walk with God. I will share with you in paraphrase:

1. “The Full Surrender”
– You must completely surrender your life over to God the Father. Jesus must become Lord over your life!

2. Become “Spirit Filled”
– You need to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
– Only through “Faith and Belief” will this be allowed to happen. Not just “Theological knowledge”

3. Establish “Faith and Trust in God”
– After you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit the next step is to establish Faith and Trust in God. A small amount will do at first. Just look at the Parable of the Mustard Seed.

4. Walk in ALL of God’s Ways
– Read the Bible! If you want to play a sport you have to learn all the basics and rules before playing, correct?
– You must also develop a good and healthy “Fear of the Lord”, a reverent healthy respect for God!
– It is God that wants you to have an intimate relationship with you!

6. Develop a Strong Prayer Life
– Remember not to pray in vain repetition or thoughtless prayer – you are speaking to God! Would you like it if someone kept repeating the same thing over and over? Prayer is a communication with God, not a work based repetition.
– Pray from your heart.

7. Enter into a True Sanctification Process with the Lord
– We have been saved the work done by the Blood of Jesus on the Cross in Calvary! God wants to transform us by a “renewing of our minds”.
– God is the Potter, we are the Clay!

8. Seek after the Knowledge of God
– The main source is the Bible
– The second source is Books. There is many good books to choose from to “feed” you
– TV/Radio/Podcasts. I would highly recommend the sermons of Dr. Michael Youssef @

9. Establish “Fellowship” with other Christians
– You will find them as God presents them to you. You must be careful on the people that you connect with. Basically you will feed and share best with other Christians of equal yolk.

10. Join a good “Spirit Filled Church”
– Ask God through prayer to lead you to a Church that he would like you to join

So in summary, “Are you an Invisible Christian”? You will not be if you follow these ten steps above I guarantee it! You will have a great “Walk” and “Personal Relationship” with Jesus. You cannot help but become “Visible”, especially with Jesus our Lord!


Brian Mason