“Iglesia ni Cristo” Exposing a Philippine Cult!

Here is the entire debate on the topic “Who Is God?”, between Dr James White and Bro. Joe Ventilacion of the Cult Iglesia Ni Cristo. You will see the aggressive nature of Bro. Joe, and the holes in his defense. Please click on the link below.

God Bless
Brian Mason


The Catholic Doctrine Of Mary

Dr James White debates Dr. Robert Fastiggi on Mary.

Please pray for the Roman Catholic Mary Worshippers, that the Holy Spirit rips them from this False Church!

God Bless,

Brian Mason

The Reliability of the New Testament Text (Dr. James White)

Is the New Testament reliable? What about all the different manuscripts with variants that we get our translations from? Dr. James White addresses the question, “Can we trust the New Testament documents?” in this event sponsored by Trinity Law School.

God Bless