Proper Discourse In Apologetics

When debating unbelievers, it is easy to get caught up in the conversation/argument. Most atheists live in a fragile environment made of toothpicks of misunderstanding and vitriolic attacks. These attacks hinge on non-logic and frankly internet propaganda. A person that I was debating with very recently was using a fake name with no accountability attached, so I found this hard to find that person being honest. By the way, that is the coward’s method shining through!

My suggestion is worth thinking about as I have found it an excellent way to proclaim Christ as well as making the unbeliever (hopefully) think about their dilemmas. Do not let them blow you away with a multitude of questions. Take one question at a time and dissect it with the one whom you are communicating.

Just recently I had the opportunity to discuss Zoroastrianism claiming that Christianity is a mere copy of it. He wanted to do this discussion over a chat situation and frankly was abusive and closed minded. I suggested we take one point at a time over personal email. We started, and I was soon inundated by at least 20 so-called contradictions in the Bible with his first message!

At this point, I simply focused on the first alleged contradiction, and the unbeliever could not respond as I did not hear back from him. I pray that he has at least given some deeper thought, and the Holy Spirit has shed light into his darkness!

God Bless

Brian Mason