Can a Christian Listen To Or Perform Secular Music?

I am a Christian first and foremost in my life, and my focus is always on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. At times I wonder if as a Christian can I listen to secular Music. Moreover can a Christian perform such music? I fit into both of those categories as I compose, record and perform secular music.

I am one to believe of course that God created music to begin with. Take for example God commands us to sing to his glory;

1 Chronicles 16: 9 Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

The Book of Psalms literally means in Hebrew “Mizmowr”, and translated to English is “Music”. God also created music with the significant number of “seven” notes. And when you put “three” of those notes together you get the base of a harmony called a “Triad” which is also a reflection of the “Trinity”.
So I guess this all begs the question “Is secular music something a Christian can delve into?” Another question I would like to ponder is “What exactly is Christian Music?” As well “What if the music has no lyrics”? Bach for instance wrote to the glory of God and was primarily instrumental music.

Biblically speaking there is no condemnation of any one specific musical style or genre as we call it today anywhere in the Holy Book. Within Christianity there is an in fight so to speak as to what style is acceptable and it can be a real divisive subject within the Christian body. Some will say only “Praise Music” and some will say “Christian Rock” etc.

In the early 1950’s some Evangelicals claimed that drum and percussion was the instrument of the devil. However there again… no Biblical evidence of such an opinion. The Bible only speaks of stringed instruments, tambourines (which are considered percussive but no attachment to a satanic connection), chimes and wind instruments. Again as mentioned above we have a commandment to sing to God which leads me to the subject of lyrical content.

As a Christian I must only do what edifies God. So if I choose to perform secular music and not mention Jesus I should at least sing about Godly values such as; honesty, integrity, forgiveness, love and good moral overtones as the subject matter. Obviously profanity of any kind should never surface.

Rock Star Alice Cooper is a devout Christian and that may surprise a few of people, as well there are many Christians currently in the music industry in all genres. To mention a few; “The Fray”, “Lifehouse”, “Owl City”, “Daughtry” and “The Rocket Summer”.

I would suggest some acts call themselves “Spiritual” but that is not necessarily Christian. Some so-called bands sing of Buddhism and other Anti-Christian faiths such as Gnosticism, so beware and be aware of such lyrical content acts.

The bottom line is music is a gift of from God. Appreciate it…don’t profane it!

God Bless.

Brian Mason