My name is Brian Mason and this is my blog that I will be using for up to date commentaries and articles important to the Christian Faith. The establishment and defense of a faith that is still being thrown to the lions to this very date. I welcome feedback and expect a mutual respect.


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  1. Thank you, I will research this to a deeper degree.
    God Bless

  2. Daniel Corwin ⋅

    In regards to the post on Aug 20, 2013 in Terminology Tuesday, the post stated “*Communicatio idiomatum is Latin for”communication of attributes.” According to this teaching, Jesus’ status as both fully God and fully human implies that whatever is true of Jesus’ humanity is also true of His deity and vice versa without mixing the qualities of the divine or human nature. For example, if Jesus suffers and if Jesus is God, then it can be concluded that in Jesus God suffers. ”
    According to the logic of the example at the end of the post, if you change the term suffers to ‘is tempted’ the logic fails (James 1:13) and therefor, this definition and example moves communicatio idiomatum to the heretical column of theology.
    It is unclear from the page if the entire post is from ‘ Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms’ or if the definition was but the example was from another source. Either way, it should be noted as to the theological position of the author and if these terms support this view or not.
    ~Thanks, Daniel.

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  4. “so you’re saying it’s okay for “real Christians” to throw Catholics to the lions? ” I said “real Christians would not throw another Christian under the bus'”

    1. “In what way is Catholic doctrine “the polar opposite of Christian doctrine”?”
    Simply the RCC does not believe in the sufficiency of scripture. God’s word is not enough!

  5. That is truly a shame I agree. However I do not believe that the RC Church is Christian as the doctrine is the polar opposite of the Christian doctrine. So to say that “Christians want to throw each other to the lions” we need a clarification of position as I find it to be an extreme contradiction of God’s word. Real Christians would not throw another Christian under the bus.

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