More So-Called Myths that Evolutionists Like to Push

– Science says: Men have been aware of germs since the work of Louis Pasteur was published over one hundred years ago.

God warned about germ contagions over 3000 years ago: Numbers 19:11, 14 and 16. Touching dead bodies came with a warning, as well as separating lepers from the uninfected. God commanded that the Hebrews to wash their hands under running water. How did Moses know about these practices? Apparently science has only known about this for the last one hundred years!

– Science says : The giants of the Bible are foolishness.

This is where we need to define what a “giant” is. There is no record to my knowledge that Christian leaders have ever said that there was giants 40 feet tall! There have been and still are “giants” living among us. Charlemagne, European ruler in the eighth century was reported as being just under 8 feet tall! Pliny the Younger wrote that Secundilla and Pusic were over 10 feet tall! Then there was Patrick Carter from Bristol UK, he died in 1802 and was measured at 8′ 7″ tall! Why do Bible critics look so foolish sometime? No answer for you there.

Don’t let the Bible critics fool you, question there “assumptions without observations”. There are so many more so-called “Myths” that can be explained.

Pray for the God haters and unbelievers to have the Holy Spirit come over them!

God Bless

Brian Mason

2 thoughts on “More So-Called Myths that Evolutionists Like to Push

  1. Thanks for the comment/response. I agree with you and it was well stated, however I do not have a bias against science. I have a bias against bad science. I guess I shouls have wrote “bad science”.
    God Bless

  2. There was a link to another blog on the bottom of this post that was literally titled “When Giants Walked the Earth” and it was all about how Goliath was 8 feet tall and the Bible tells us of a time when there were humans that tall. However, this is a very literal and therefore dangerously wrong interpretation of the Bible. We know for a fact that a common Jewish literary technique during that period was to add years on to the lives of people to signify how much God favoured and loved them (Abram did not literally live to be 175 years old in reality, no one came even close to that at that time period, but the Jew reading the text back then unlike the unlearned and arrogant westerner who thinks they can just pick up the Bible and “get it” would have read into the 175 years and think, “God favoured Abraham.” Same for adding height to people, specifically enemies, as a way to demonstrating how powerful and how hard it was to take down these people. Height is added to Goliath in the Bible not because he was literally 13 feet tall but to demonstrate that he was a very bad dude and had probably had a lot of people try to kill him with no success. Again, while the arrogant and essentially god-less westerner reads the Bible thinking they can just pick it up and get it would assert that Goliath was in fact 13 feet tall, when again the Jewish audience the text was meant for at that time would not have thought something so silly.

    Your bias against “science” (as if science is some sort of entity in and of itself) is coming through very much here. So much so that you actually lose the real beauty in the connection to legitimate health practices prescribed in the Law. Many of the tenants of the Law are about protecting a small ground of people living in the dessert, because that is why the Law was written and enforced in the first place; to protect and ensure the survival of the Jews in exile from their homeland. There is indeed something very powerful about the separation of meat and dairy in a hot environment where it would spoiled the meat and spread disease. Or ritual washing that was exactly like normal washing today before entering the very public and confined spaces of the Temple. Or burying the dead as soon as possible. These laws were handed down to us by God to protect and sanctify the Jews in exile and it is amazing that they almost all relate to legitimate medical and health conclusions made today with science. This is not a battle, on the contrary it is a very powerful apologetic for the unbeliever to wrap their head around; how did a bunch of Jews in the middle of the dessert figure this out? It is also why fundamentalist Christians and literal Bible interpreters are wrong to apply tenants of the Law to us today, because we are not Jews in exile anymore.

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