Atheists are “Brights”?

I wonder if Christians know that we were called one of the first atheists? This is true, as we refused to worship Pagan gods.

Yet unlike the so-called modern atheists (nothing modern there), we didn’t have to use arguments that have been crushed 2000 years ago! We have the Word of God! When the atheist has no ground to stand on when we define the terms and ridiculous statements that they come up with. Such as “Everything came from nothing”. What? Atheism cannot even answer one of the most important philosophical questions regarding our own existence! It is flawed and lacking and at best can offer us only ignorance and guesses.

Atheism fails to account for existence.

The assinine defenses they come up with staggers the imagination! Funny that atheists call themselves “The Brights” and believers “The Dims”! How much arrogance does the atheist have to have?

Okay “Brights”, explain how everything came from nothing, and life came from non-life?

Psalm 14:1 (NASB)

“The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds;
There is no one who does good.”

God Bless

Brian Mason

10 thoughts on “Atheists are “Brights”?

  1. It’s always fun to watch a Christian attack what he has kept himself willfully ignorant about. Things may indeed come from nothing. Modern physics supports that idea. Now, how about you showing your version of your god exists? Why isn’t there any evidence of the magic flood? the exodus? A major earthquake, the sun darkening and the dead walking around Jerusalem on one day? Why can’t Christian like you heal others like the gospel of Mark claims of any baptized believer in JC as savior? Why aren’t you guys out there clearing out pediatric cancer wards and restoring limbs to veterans who lost them in combat? Why can’t Christians agree about what their god has said and wants? There is no eason to think any theist is correct since you all use the same baseless claims with no evidence to support them.

    oh and my dear Christian, we may not ever know how life came from non-life. That doesn’t make your god real. You cannot show it as the creator or show that other creator gods weren’t the creator. You assume that only your version of god exists and you have yet to show that to be the case. At best you have a vague creator with your reliance on poor arguments like first cause, etc. You have no evidence for your messiah and you can’t explain why this god of yours has to work with its supposed archenemy to intentionally damn the faithful in Revelation 19-21.

  2. Again no answer? What are you afraid of? It is a simple question. Can the atheist prove that “everything came from nothing?” You are becoming atypical of atheist babble and nonanswers! Apparently it is alright for the aTheists to call Christians “Dims” as well as other less flattering names, but when you call out an atheist is “not being able to hold a civil conversation”? WOW

  3. I’m not sure you understand logical fallacies or how to have a civil and polite conversation. Have a wonderful day.

  4. You insinuate that I have shifted the burden of proof? How so? It is the atheist’s deduction that life came from non-life? I asked a fair question. If you misread my comment or I didn’t phrase it correctly but I did not intend to say you were arrogant. I state the arrogance of idiotic atheists!

  5. And by the way, pointing out someone else doesn’t know what you don’t either doesn’t demonstrate the truth of your positive claim by default. Shifting the burden of proof as well.

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