* Notice To Atheists / Unbelievers*

I have wrote this numerous times before, however I will write about this again. I have no problem answering questions and dialoguing as long as it stays on topic. I do not have the time of day to chase rabbit trails and field insults! Insults and circular arguments are worthless to everyone. I will not post a comment if it turns down that road.

God Bless

Brian Mason

24 thoughts on “* Notice To Atheists / Unbelievers*

  1. I know Brian, You depend on willful ignorance and fear for your religion. You can’t rebut what has been said, so you run away. It’s no surprise at all. If you are the best your god has as an apologist, you don’t have much of a god if it can’t provide completely perfect answers. But keep on, Brian. Knowing that insults are all you have makes my day.

  2. They are all the same ilk of arguments that are completely the same old drivel! I will not repeat the language used from you “brights”! I am sure you know how it goes!

  3. it’s nice to see that Brian has already given himself an excuse to not address honestly asked questions and points made. I wonder if you can provide examples of what you claim are circular arguments and “insults”.

  4. Only truth here. If you can’t see the problem I can’t help you. None of the claims are true—a contradiction of doctrine vs outcome.

  5. How about, “greater signs than these will follow them that believe”—Jesus. No water to wine, or better. No masses of people are fed with less loaves and fishes, and with 1000 years of world domination still no bliss? No healings, no prayers answered without rationalizing the absence therof, and on and on. Scripture alone I could write a book here. I’m pretty sure your aware of that.

  6. Says the apologetic kings of circularly reasoned rabbit holes. Nowhere on earth are legitimate questions ignored and handwaved more than on Christian sites that tag atheists. You guys are the absolutely most frustrating at un-acknowledging your massive contradictions.

  7. I have had many, many insults on this post so I trashed them. That is why I moderate. Some are extremely vile and it is usually from atheists and Roman Catholics. Actually you have been quite civil and I think we would get on swimmingly.

  8. Thanks for the tips Mike. We differ in the sense that I draw the line at personal insults. I have no problem with arguments and I don’t profess to know it all. I am not fragile. There is a difference between “being personally insulted by questions on faith”, and “personal insults” would you not agree? I appreciate your concerns. Thank you and God Bless – Brian

  9. Pro tip from a former minister/missionary: prob not a good idea to get into apologetics if you won’t answer tough questions about your faith, or feel personally insulted by those questions. Again, have a great day. -mike

  10. M not sure the other person on your previous post was trying rabbit trail. They were trying to get you to see the irrationality and immorality of such a “divine command” theology. Either you didn’t understand or refused to. Either way… It wasn’t rabbit trail. It was honest dialogue that you missed because you didn’t want to follow the train of thought forward.

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