UK Street Preachers Convicted!

This is a precursor to what we as Christians will be facing! Oh yes, Christianity is not an easy road! I will see them after death and will pray for them as the persecution continues!

Keep the faith Christians!

God Bless
Brian Mason

6 thoughts on “UK Street Preachers Convicted!

  1. And love is what they were preaching according to all the reports I read. Is it not “love” to preach to the sinners that they are in transgression to the Word of God? Is it not “love” to preach for the damned to repent? I agree we are all sinners, however living in your sin is damnable!
    “Your view” is apparently is against what Jesus Himself taught! “Accusation and abuse are the tactics of the enemy” as well as watering down the Gospel! A Worldly “court” does not trump God’s Word.
    I pray you see the light!
    God Bless!

  2. Jesus preached the truth in love. If our brothers preached in love, that is one thing. A court has been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they crossed a line and committed an offence, not for expressing their beliefs, but for abusing others. Accusation and abuse are the tactics of the enemy, not the Son of God, and in my view will not advance the Kingdom.

    We are all sinners, and I thank of for His all-sufficient grace, for His enduring mercy, and for giving us Jesus as our Saviour. I pray that God guides and softens the hearts of all concerned, always including myself.

  3. Thanks, Brian. Yes, this is sobering. I imagine the day is near when church sermons will be presented to prosecutors as examples of “hate speech.”

  4. They were speaking about the sins of fornicating and sodomy. Jesus preached the same message. I know they are not comforting words to the sinners, however they spoke the Word and most people don’t like the Truth!

  5. “The court has today determined that these men crossed that line and used their platform to comment on other religions and sexuality using disparaging and offensive language.”

    How would this behaviour glorify God?

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