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James White vs Robert Sungenis on Papal Infallibilty

To this day as an ex-catholic, I cannot see how anyone stays in that apostate church? It is truly frustrating! It is almost as frustrating as the intro music to this video. However, this video has a crucial message to convey to the Roman Catholic.

Please give the true Gospel to the Roman Catholic, and pray for their repentance.

God Bless,

Brian Mason


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5 responses to “James White vs Robert Sungenis on Papal Infallibilty

  1. Tom

    Thanks, Brian. I’m sure it’s interesting reading but not my cup of tea.

  2. The Wikipedia article is extremely biased, “Earth in Upheaval” by Velikovsky was written in defense of his earlier book. Not saying I can go with all his arguments; however, he supports his positions by citation after citation. Interesting read! Nuff said…

  3. Tom

    No, I never even heard of it but just got done quickly scanning the Wikipedia article.

  4. Thanks, Tom I will check out this link later today.
    A question off topic slightly, but have you read “Worlds in Collision” by Immanuel Velikovsky?

  5. Tom

    Thanks, Brian. Here’s an interesting story on Sungenis. Most Catholic apologists dismiss the fact that two popes, Paul V and Urban VIII, condemned Galileo for his “heretical” support of heliocentrism. They will say that the two popes were not speaking “ex cathreda,” in their role as teacher of faith and morals. But the persecution of those who supported heliocentrism obviously was connected with faith and correct biblical interpretation. Bob Sungenis rightly agrees that if the popes who condemned Galileo were wrong about heliocentrism then they were not infallible. As a result, Sungenis has devoted his career to proving that heliocentrism is false and geocentrism is true. Click on the following link to see materials sold by Sungenis “proving” the Sun revolves around the Earth. It may take a few seconds for the products page to come up.!/Geocentrism/c/1548576/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

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