Dear Atheist: Why Are There Sheep?

In response to “The Atheists Handbook” Richard Wurmbrand wrote from his book, “The Answer to the Atheist’s Handbook; “If there is no God, how is it that sheep exist?

The question was raised at an atheistic meeting in Russia. The lecturer had explained that life appeared spontaneously and developed through natural selection and that in the cruel fight for survival only the animals that were stronger or quicker than their neighbours survived, while the weaker succumbed.

A believer asked, “But how is it that sheep survived, that wolves did not utterly destroy them? The female wolf produces five or six offspring a year, the sheep only one. The ratio is 5:1 for the destroyer, which has sharp teeth, claws, strength and swiftness of running. The sheep has absolutely no defence. How is it that there still are sheep? Today man protects them. The animal world had existed before man appeared. Who protected the sheep at that time? You can explain many things without resorting to the hypotheses that God exists. But sheep with four legs could not exist without Him, any more than Christ’s loving sheep, who have been defenseless against cruel persecutors since the beginning of the Church”.

Thank you Richard Wurmbrand, a true man of God.

God Bless

Brian Mason

10 thoughts on “Dear Atheist: Why Are There Sheep?

  1. I have been accused by a certain atheist that I know nothing about biology. Well I beg to differ as I went to University and was highly educated in the science. In fact because of my interest and study of Science IE Biology, Chemistry, Physiology etc made me wonder why anyone would NOT believe in God? I want to quote Charles Darwin: “The impossibility of conceiving that this grand and wondrous universe with our conscious selves arose through chance, seems to me the chief argument for the existence of God”
    For an atheist, their faith in atheism is self-evident. Why is it then they find the need to propagate the obvious? The question of “sheep” from the believer quoted in Richards book was rewarded with several years in prison, in communist prisons. As expected I regret!

  2. You think domestication caused this tendency? It’s a natural instinct of predators to hunt from a safe hiding place. Even the sheep they get are from the edges of the open area.

    As for why the need to hide, any predator that has survived has done so by not allowing the tables to turn. If it hunts in the open, it’s open to be prey as well. And the predator doesn’t discriminate. Just because the sheep won’t run fast enough doesn’t mean other prey doesn’t run away. Hiding is an instinct that has allowed them to prey on faster animals who would outrun them, or on birds who have grounded to feed. Hunting in the open allows prey to see them coming, and if there is a means of escape the prey will take it, leaving the wolf with no food.

    The wolf is clever, but not so clever that it differentiates its hunting habits based on species.

  3. The atheist answer is somewhat true, but woefully incomplete. Man has the Rhesus gene (Rh positive blood) so there is a connection to the ape family. However, man has other genes that did not come from a monkey. For example, so-called junk DNA is not junk (it has a purpose) and that DNA was not passed on from the ape family. Rh negative blood is also an example of genetics that had other origins. Both the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism are completely silent about the elephant in the room (the “e” word). Sometimes, the truth can be very inconvenient.

  4. It’s largely due to environment. Sheep prefer open areas of grass, wolves enjoy wooded areas with large amounts of cover. Sheep’s primary habitat is simply out of the way, only a straggler is really in the area to hunt it.

    Ever notice the tendency of the wolf to hide, despite its usual physical advantages over whatever prey it seeks? Where would the wolf hide on an open plain?

    You act like natural selection is just throwing every prey in an arena with possible predators and telling them “survive”. No, it’s about surviving in their specific environment. True, if you put a herd of sheep in a fight with even a few wolves, the sheep would lose. But the sheep were not constantly being hunted. Not only do they prefer different surroundings, but the wolves often have plenty to eat in their own preferred environment. Unless they have been kicked from the pack, what reason has a wolf to travel to the plains for its meal when it can hunt from the familiarity of its own home?

  5. Um I don’t think you were focused when you read the article or you didn’t fully comprehend it. The point is they exist, and BEFORE domestication.
    Thank You,
    God Bless

  6. Um because sheep are domesticated is why the survive now. Look at the ibex, it is a mountain sheep. They can climb where wolves cannot and thus flee their predators. The same case can be made with the cow. The modern cow is a domesticated form of the auroch, which is a much meaner version of the modern cow.
    This is nothing controversial and kind of common sense.

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