Dear Atheist: Why Are There Sheep?

In response to “The Atheists Handbook” Richard Wurmbrand wrote from his book, “The Answer to the Atheist’s Handbook; “If there is no God, how is it that sheep exist?

The question was raised at an atheistic meeting in Russia. The lecturer had explained that life appeared spontaneously and developed through natural selection and that in the cruel fight for survival only the animals that were stronger or quicker than their neighbours survived, while the weaker succumbed.

A believer asked, “But how is it that sheep survived, that wolves did not utterly destroy them? The female wolf produces five or six offspring a year, the sheep only one. The ratio is 5:1 for the destroyer, which has sharp teeth, claws, strength and swiftness of running. The sheep has absolutely no defence. How is it that there still are sheep? Today man protects them. The animal world had existed before man appeared. Who protected the sheep at that time? You can explain many things without resorting to the hypotheses that God exists. But sheep with four legs could not exist without Him, any more than Christ’s loving sheep, who have been defenseless against cruel persecutors since the beginning of the Church”.

Thank you Richard Wurmbrand, a true man of God.

God Bless

Brian Mason


The Dawkins Shuffle!

Oh yes! I find it interesting how Science postulates that “something came from nothing” such as the Universe. No creator etc. and their dance continues. However I will agree with them on one thing, and that is Hawkings, Dawkins et al have made $$$$ from nothing.

KJV-Onlyism Absurdity Never Ceases To Amaze Me

I have subscribed to a few blogs that endorse the King James Bible and the trend within them are that the KJV is the only Bible that is true. Now regardless of that assertion, when I want to engage in some form of friendly discussion my comments are not approved and I get no response from that camp. I have many, many reasons not to use that version of the Bible EXCLUSIVELY, as I have a copy of the NASB, NIV, ESV, and believe it or not the KJV. We can get God’s word in all of those versions.

For some reason, this KJV-Only group finds it important to blast Calvinism. Why is that? I know that there are many so-called Calvinists not acting very Christian, and that is repulsive! But this KJV-Only crowd is used to using broad brush strokes, and it is simply not Christian.

This division that the KJV-Only camp creates, is only weakening the Christian Church!

God Bless

Brian Mason