Katy Perry…Children Beware!

If you have been a regular reader of my blog (God bless you all!), I don’t usually post “tabloid Esq UE” youtube type stuff. However, I did like this video as it does bring up some startling parallels between Katy Perry’s lyrics and imagery with Wikka and demonology. Please watch and I encourage dialogue! Click on the link…

God Bless

Brian Mason

2 thoughts on “Katy Perry…Children Beware!

  1. I have issues with the portrayal of immoral activities such as “kissing a girl and liking it” (sic) and also Lenny Kravitz who is as far as I know a repentant Christian, joining in on that song at the Superbowl. She never was a Christian. However I hope that she repents and returns all the fruits of her songs to the needy.

  2. I am a bit curious, they use that line, “I sold my soul to the devil” a dozen times or so in that video yet each time it is clipped almost before she finishes the last word. I would love to see the entire interview in context. Is she speaking metaphor? My guess is that she is, using terminology of rebellion that resonates with her evangelical upbringing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of KP and honestly, some of what I’ve seen of her is downright grotesque, but with enough b-roll and a good editor you can probably get (and I’m sure some have) even the Olsteens, Grahams, and Pipers of this world to be seemingly saying the same things. There probably isn’t nearly enough stock footage to do a video like this of Mother Theresa, but Hitchens did manage enough spin to write a similar style book of her.

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