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Aliens Created Life: Richard Dawkins….BLAH BLAH BLAH

Okay, anyone who has not seen the movie “Expelled” should watch this snippet (and the movie of course), and watch Dawkins behave like a drowning man. Drowning in his atheistic nonsense. One can only hope that the Holy Spirit comes over Richard. Please watch this clip with Frank Turek as the moderator…

God Bless

Brian Mason


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6 responses to “Aliens Created Life: Richard Dawkins….BLAH BLAH BLAH

  1. Eliza

    Yes, there is a signature in the DNA, it is the information that is placed there by God Almighty. How could the elements, bases and sugar of DNA encode information if it hadn’t been placed there by a marvelously intelligent and wise Creator? Think about it, what are the chances that nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and phosphorous would spontaneously combine to encode the heredity, functioning and uniqueness of all of life. The foolishness of atheists could almost be funny if it wasn’t for the terrible fact that they are bound for hell. Thank you for your thought provoking post. God bless you:)

  2. Afraid of accountability? I don’t get it.

  3. Wally Fry

    Me either. If we are so obviously wrong and doomed to die out….why not just let ir happen? I ask that and nobody ever answers.

  4. He gives even atheism a bad name. I just don’t understand why he (I assume HE as one doesn’t know with fake names) just trolls Christian blogs. I really don’t understand that mindset?

  5. Wally Fry

    Been following your discussion over on Colorstorms Blog…well done.

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