Carbon 14: Proof For A Young Earth

Evolutionists usually try to explain evolution by saying “over a billion years everything evolved!” Then when asked how they know it was “billions of years”? They will talk about carbon dating. This is where it will fall apart.

Carbon dating gives much younger age results. C-14 is a short-lived isotope and is in a constant decay by one atom at a time turning into nitrogen. With understood variables, C-14 would ultimately decay after 100,000 years! Dr. Jason Lisle, Astrophysicist, states that “if the entire mass of the earth were C-14, after one million years, not even one atom would be left!”

There was the argument that diamonds and coal take “billions of years” to become what they are. However, C-14 is detectable in these formations! How is that even possible if the formations are alleged “billions of years old”?

C-14 is detectable in just about anything that has carbon in it. How would that be possible if the earth is “billions of years old”?

There is nothing wrong with being a skeptic. I am one, and I believe that the Book of Genesis is very clear on the timeframe of creation. I am skeptical of evolutionist’s and Old Earth Creationist’s dogma. Genesis 1 is very clear and coherent! Believe the Word of God!

God Bless

Brian Mason

7 thoughts on “Carbon 14: Proof For A Young Earth

  1. I don’t need proof. Or science. Or carbon dating. I know in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Gen 1:1) because I know Him. If He said it, that’s enough. Let God be true and every man a liar (Rom 3:4). Carnal men are attracted to evolution only because they don’t want to retain God in their conscience or submit to HIs lordship. ‘People did not think it was important to have a true knowledge of God. So God left them…to their own worthless thinking’ (Rom 1:28). Без бога всё позволено [Without God, everything is permitted] ~Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (1880). Men are blinded by evolution. Before they can see, they have to open their eyes and confess there is a Creator God.

  2. What I do know is that diamonds and coal are thought to be billions (at least millions) of years old and yet C-14 is found. Kind of goes against the scientific theory. But I must say that the “theories” that secular scientists offer change all the time without apology. Rock has little or no carbon. Yes it is that inaccurate!

  3. This article on HowStuffWorks says that C 14 is used when dating organic material. For rocks they use radioactive dating. Since organic material doesn’t last nearly as long as rocks, it seems like C 14 would be an acceptable method. Is there evidence to suggest that radioactive dating is inaccurate? That is to say… so inaccurate that it could mistake 10,000 years for 4.3 billion years?

  4. Thanks for your comment vonleonhardt2. I don’t believe that all scientists are lying as there are scientists that believe in a young earth. This post was meant to be about c-14 as a proof for a young earth. My next post will be on how an old earth is not logical. God Bless

  5. As an Old Earth creationist I’d say the points you make are at least interesting to think about, but I’d like to see some sources for it existing in older formations. And there are other isotopes like lithium for older dates.

    Gen 1 is about relating creation to the sabbath, and the old Testament puts salvation within the seasonal festivals. I don’t see how God taking his time and enjoying creating is antithetical to the Gospel… And I don’t think ALL scientist are lying.

    So I’m sceptical.

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