Thought For The Week – Dan Brown Et Al

I thought I would start adding to Beacon Apologetics a “Thought For The Week” bit. No, I do have more than one thought each week though some critics may not be so quick to agree.

Dan Brown is not the problem by adding his spin on Christianity; it is the people that lap it up. Even though his work is heresy to the Christian Church, that is merely a slight roadblock to clearer thinking. I have met Christians that have profoundly believed that there is truth to his writings. Of course, the book is a work of fiction with a whisper of truth, but that has never been an issue to some Christians and a whole lot of atheists! Let’s not let Truth stand in the way of clear thinking.

If the type of literature that Brown puts out had the same formula with Islam as his against Christianity, all hell would certainly break out! Remember not too long ago there was a series of relatively innocuous cartoons that had depicted Mohammad, and sent the Islamic world into a frenzy? That was never made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

When a writer (and many will agree it is just fiction), writes that Jesus was merely a “great moral teacher” instead of the mighty creator of the universe, Christians should not just stand idly by whistling and scratching their collective toes in the sand! We as Christians must clear the air and spread the gospel, and quash this type of nonsense!

We as Christians will have another chance to defend the Word of God when a movie based on the book by William P. Young “The Shack.” This book depicts God as “God the Father appeared to him as an African-American woman (p. 82) named Papa” (p. 86). Mr. Young also wrote ” The Father had scars on his wrists – like the crucifixion wounds of Christ (p. 95), any Christian that understands the Triune God knows that the Father was not crucified it was Jesus!
Young’s book promotes many heretical views of God and His Holy Church.

As Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code” was made into a major motion picture, so will Young’s book. Be ready to defend another onslaught of anti-Christian bunk. Do not be timid as not to see the film, but see it (on a cheap night) and spot the heresy and get ready to defend! Hollywood will not win in the end!

God Bless

Brian Mason