5 thoughts on “athiests again look ridiculous

  1. I have many issues with this article, but to put them all down here would be extremely tiresome. Let me just say that if theists were always happier, healthier, nicer and better-looking than atheists, that still wouldn’t make them right.

  2. I don’t see how that article shows anyone other than the author as looking ridiculous. It was clearly very biased and not very well researched. Otherwise he would have had more studies to support his conclusion and he would have spent less time attacking for the sake of attacking.

  3. How does this make atheist look ridiculous? I see an article written by someone with a bad attitude, linking to very questionable studies and giving his own (odd) interpretations. I notice the other day you posted about person attacks being unacceptable on your blog. That’s all this man is doing – making unfounded, ignorant attacks. I actually looked him up to make sure it wasn’t all a sarcastic ruse from an atheist but it looks like that isn’t the case.

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