In Fear Of Making A Blog A Tweet…

I certainly don’t want to make a habit of posting “Tweet-like” posts, and will not make a habit of it but…” self-refuting the atheist says “there is no God” then I am in awe. Two statements; You must know everything about everything, and if you do then you must be God! Is this self-refuting”?

God Bless

Brian Mason

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  1. Eek, I see the conversation with MyAtheistLife has turned sour a bit. Things spiral out of control so fast. I’ll make this last post, unless you ask me to respond.

    Regarding your original post, I think I’ve shown that “you must know everything about everything” is a flawed premise, and therefore the question, “Is this position not self refuting” does not apply.

    Over and above addressing the topic of your post, I pursued the reason why you are a believer; what convinces you personally that belief in God is justified. I asked this, because I am interested what people believe and why. The why, more than the what. You are interested in apologetics, after all, and its interesting to see why an aspiring apologist believes.

    You answered this question in a post to MyAtheistLife, and I wish to respond to it. You list two reasons why you believe:

    1) You had/have subjective experiences of the supernatural
    2) The God of the bible makes sense to you, and other pagan deities do not

    For the first:
    I can make no comment on your personal experiences. You may really experience the supernatural. I have no idea, and there is no way for me to tell. And therefore, your experiences are useless to me, or anyone else. The fact that you have these experiences does not convince me that God is real, and it cannot for any other person, but yourself. In other words, it is not evidence.

    However, I can talk about my own experiences. I believed wholeheartedly that I had a relationship with the creator of the universe, and I had transcendent experiences in church and in prayer. They are very convincing. They are very real. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have been in error; deceived by my own brain. It is more likely that I was fooled than the alternative. What helped me was the realisation that people of many other faiths make the same claim of Godly experiences. Look up Michael Shermer talking about patternicity and agenticity. It’s quite interesting.

    For the second:
    I don’t necessarily agree that Yahweh makes more sense than Allah (effectively the same God) and others. But that is neither here nor there. Science makes sense more than any of them. You supported your assertion that the God of the bible makes sense by saying, “How do you explain this amazing creation you see, including yourself”, and you then proactively respond–to what you presume would be the atheistic answer (that being evolution)–by making the claim “Macro evolution is a lie”.

    It is true that we do not know exactly how the universe started. It is true that we do not know exactly how life started (although abiogenesis is getting there). As an aside, we can see–with the support of mountains of evidence–why life on this planet is so diverse, and how it formed from single cell organisms.

    But again, that is neither here nor there. What you’re doing is saying: I can’t explain how the universe started, therefore God created it. I can’t explain how life started, how trees formed, how complex animals exists, how humans exist, therefore God created it. This is called an Argument from Ignorance, and it is a fallacy. It is an attempt to explain a mystery with bigger mystery. How do you know the bigger mystery did it? How do you explain the bigger mystery!? Another problem is this: I can’t explain thunder, disease, earthquakes, falling stars, floods, and solar eclipses. Therefore God.

    The honest position to take is this: I don’t know, but let’s investigate. The dishonest position to take is this: I know God did it, no investigation required. Or worse, I know God did it, let’s try to prove that and let’s undermine everything that doesn’t support our “knowledge”, because we know it must be wrong. And this happens, weirdly.

    Regarding Marco evolution, I recommend you watch this video by AronRa It is #11 in his series Foundational Falsehood of Creationism. This video deals specifically with the terms micro and macro evolution, and the confusion around it. I cannot recommend the series more. It is very very good.

    Apologies for the long post. I hope there is something worthwhile in it for you. Even it it’s only to learn about atheistic views and how to argue against it 😛

    Peace out.

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