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Is Buddhism Satanic? Surprising Responses Submitted!

Okay, I will be the first to agree that my post “Is Buddhism Satanic” has had a lot of hits for certain. However, I want to announce that I have not allowed several comments (especially recently) get posted. I must assume that the com-mentor(s), was not a “peaceful Buddhist”?

To be clear, I will not post any obscenities, vitriol or any attack speech. I am very aware of Satans lies working through Buddhism and I will not allow trash to infiltrate this blog!

God Bless

Brian Mason


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3 responses to “Is Buddhism Satanic? Surprising Responses Submitted!

  1. This is an example of someone that hasn’t even got the guts to use their real name while “typing” in pointless slander.

  2. If you want to see Satan in action… Look into a mirror while typing.

  3. joecruzmn

    They don’t want to know the truth my friend

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