Terminology Tuesday: The Laws of Thermodynamics

The first law of thermodynamics describes that the amount of ACTUAL energy in the universe remains constant and does not change.

The second law of thermodynamics describes that the amount of USABLE energy in the entire universe is decreasing. So in a nutshell the universe’s energy is running down and tending towards disorder with an eventual demise of the universe.

To put this into simpler terms, if the amount of actual energy stays the same, however usable energy is running down, then the amount of energy we started with was not an infinite amount. So if this is true then the universe could not possibly have been infinite, as you can’t run out of an infinite amount of energy. So the universe had to have a beginning as written by Moses in Genesis 1.

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Brian Mason

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  3. define what you mean by abusive? unless i a extremely provoked, i never use profanity, i am infamous in my family for not using profanity.
    since you have access to doctorate holding physicists for reference use them. please. i beg to know how i am wrong. i like to know when i am wrong. by having my errors pointed out to me is how, in my somewhat long life, i learned, not from so much from being right.

  4. I have not removed any post you sent. I may have not posted it as there are rules on this blog. I have no rule against conversation, unless it becomes abusive. I don’t need to take “college-level physics classes”. There are physicists out there with doctorates I can reference. I think your comments have become gibberish.

  5. since you were too weak in your faith to leave up my post, i can’t reference it. or remember it. recent things can be hazy. memories from years ago seem to be less affected. but otherwise i think there were questions regarding some 50 year old (i learned the basics of thermodynamics by the time i was ten, wanted to be a physicist) physics. is it my fault is you had not taken any college-level physics classes? or theory of applied mechanics (also required for all mechanic wannabes at the university of illinois)?

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  8. Well it is THE ONLY reasonable explanation. How do the atheist “Fairy Stories” about the universe starting from “nothing” hold any water? Show me a better answer, okay/

  9. no. there will be no end to the energy: the energy will become so diluted it can no longer form work, but still be there. there is no reason a small volume can temporarily lose entropy as long as the larger system gains entropy. earth is less than .04% of the solar system. the rest of the universe can easily offset whatever loss in entropy on earth. besides, whatever loss in entropy on earth will be moot in five billion years when the earth is vaporized in the sun’s red giant phase, which will be a gain in entropy.

  10. no. it is your only reasonable answer. with more ability to reason you can have more reasonable answers. there is nothing in thermodynamics which mandates a time frame, just that an equilibrium is reached. if it takes 40 billion years, it takes 40 billion years.

  11. yes, the universe had a beginning, but is there any reason it had to have the beginning as written in genesis: it could have been a diiferent beginning as long as the laws of thermodynamics cab conform to that beginning.

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