What Is “The New Atheism” And What Are They Cooking?

In ancient written history since the times of Epicurus (341-270 BC) and other pleasure seeking materialists there have always been atheists. What makes the so-called “New Atheist” any different?

A renowned American Sociologist of Religion Rodney Stark, describes them as simply “angry and remarkably nasty”. Let’s look at three points to chew on, shall we?

First, their arguments against God’s existence are very weak. They seem to be very uneducated on what it is they are criticizing. Their arguments are simply not intellectually sound. However they still bring up important questions on the “Problem of Evil” but their argument usually ends up in a heap of rhetoric and don’t form a solid argument about the subject.

Rodney Stark also brings up the point in regards to the uneducated backing of their position, and writes,“To expect to learn anything about important theological problems from Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennet (famous Neo-Atheists) is like expecting to learn about medieval history from someone that had only read Robin Hood.”

Secondly, they like to emphasize cool-headed, scientifically sound rationality; however they themselves express their position in passionate anger sprinkled with vitriol! Michael Novak, author of “No One Sees God” wrote about the New Atheists writing’s “they have an odd defensiveness about them – as though they were a sign not of victory but of desperation.”

Thirdly, why are the New Atheists not willing to own up to horrible acts committed in the name of Atheism? Names like Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin come to mind. On the other hand they expect Christians to own up to heinousness acts done in the name of Jesus? Any Christian or Atheist that has a spattering of intellectual honesty knows that the Biblical Jesus would never condone such actions, as the Crusades and Spanish Inquisitions.

Paul Copan in his book “Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God” writes and I paraphrase, “Since September 11th, 2001, the terror attacks on the Twin Towers and on the Pentagon, the New Atheists have capitalized on evil done in the name of religion” “to tar all things religious with the same brush, even though the term “religious” is hard to define.

Lastly, there seems to be a complete disregard from the New Atheists and blatant refusal to acknowledge the well documented positive influence of the Christian Faith. Actually Christianity laid down the Foundations of Modern Science, promoting human rights, overthrowing slavery and the list goes on…

So I will say in conclusion that the so-called “New Atheists” are just the same old Atheists but considerably more angry. When using Richard Dawkins as their Patriarch they,(the New Atheist’s) should really consider that his accusations that God is a Moral Monster, etc, can be quickly refuted. I would suggest that the New Atheist does his or her own homework before lashing out. And have some humility if shown the correct way.

I have had conversations with atheists,and I don’t hear them give any well grounded evidence for the validity of of their own religion of atheism! They can’t show any “proofs” that God does not exist; at least, none that I have heard or read, especially since you can’t prove a negative regarding the existence of God.

God Bless!

Brian Mason

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about this. I’ve read “The God Delusion” and, before anything else, what stands out is that it just isn’t a very intelligent book. Dawkins stews together lies, half truths, urban legends, and bad logic, and expects us to be convinced by it.

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