Was the New Testament of the Bible Corrupted?

If one were to listen to Muslims, Catholics, off-shoots of Christianity and different cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses, you might come to the conclusion that the New Testament was corrupted in some way? This view has become a comfort to the accusers, as the New Testament will develop friction with their beliefs. In most cases, I believe it is that other apostate religion followers just have not done enough homework and are significantly steeped into the beliefs handed down from generation to generation of misinformation and outright lies about it.

Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God. Mormons believe that God is an alien from the planet Kolab, and of course, Cults such as The Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to have their doctrines completely in opposition to the words of Jesus. I have even heard such remarks that we all worship the same God, he’s just interpreted differently! What nonsense! It is plainly written in the Bible that there is only ONE GOD in the Universe. See Mark 12: 29 NASB 29 Jesus answered “The Foremost is ‘Hear O Israel! OUR LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD’;

Has the New Testament been corrupted? Let’s look deeper into this question from the perspective that we can only refer to, and that is history. Since the New Testament is a book from ancient times, we must remember as to the process of copying the text. It was copied by hand and then copied by hand again and so-forth. AHA! You say! There must have been errors as we were dealing with human hands and not photocopiers? Well yes, there were errors, but they were minuscule and did not interfere with any central Christian doctrines. And unfortunately, we do not have original manuscripts to compare with. AHA again! No originals you say? Read on.

Looking back at other manuscripts from history outside of the New Testament we see some that are worth mentioning. The ancient manuscripts from the Roman Historian “Tacitus” were written around 95A.D. and the first known copies surfaced approximately in the year 1100 A.D. Most Historians do not doubt the authenticity of the transcript or the writings in it, and there are only 20 copies, and some are only in partial form.

Now if you were to compare these copies with the first of the New Testament texts which date from 90-95 A.D., and over 5000 Greek New Testament manuscripts! This is not counting other copies such as Syriac, Latin and other tongues we have more than 23,000 New Testament copies! Now that is staggering! Top that off with the early Church Fathers making notations and other books with quotations from these New Testament texts it is hard to state that the New Testament Books have been corrupted. To me, it is clear that since the New Testament has been accepted by the early Church Fathers around the Second Century with textural comparisons showing no significant doctrinal changes since that time, I feel comfortable in saying the New Testament was NOT corrupted! It should be comforting.

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  1. I have been personally told by a Roman Catholic that we can’t take the Bible as serious since the reformation. It does not hold the sacred traditions that are still implicit within its text and elucidated through Apostolic Tradition. On a general note the Church values the unwritten traditions of Sacraments.

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